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Introduction of Yali High School International Department (YLID)


2011年,在雅礼中学建校105周年之际,为推动雅礼教育国际化进程与高中教育多样化发展,满足不同潜质学生教育需求, 经湖南省教育厅和长沙市教育局批准雅礼中学成立国际部,肩负起“为社会与民族培养具备全球视野,适应世界变革与发展的国际公民”的使命。

In 2011, the 105th anniversary of Yali High School, to promote the internationalization process of Yali education,to further the diversified development of high school education and to meet the educational needs of different candidates, Yali High School established the International Department. This was approved by the Hunan Provincial Educational Office and Changsha Education Bureau to undertake the mission of cultivating international citizens, for our society and nation, who are equipped with global vision and the ability to adapt to world reform and development.

雅礼中学国际部(Yali High School International Department,以下简称YLID)坚持“为学生终身发展奠基”的办学理念,汇聚国内外优质师资,建立国际教育课程体系。YLID致力为学生“学习能力、身心健康、品行修养、国际视野、创新意识”的锻炼与发展培育最为深厚的土壤,为世界著名高等学府输送综合素质优异、最具发展潜质的未来人才。

Yali High School International Department (YLID) adheres to the educational philosophy “lay a foundation for students′ lifelong development”, attracts high-quality teachers at home and abroad, and has established an international education curriculum. YLID is devoted to cultivating students’ learning ability, physical and psychological health, moral sense, international perspective and innovative consciousness in order to provide candidates for world-class higher learning institutions with the most potential talents of excellent overall quality.


YLID has currently set up different courses such as the core compulsory courses for domestic high school, Fundamental, Intermediate & Advanced International English Courses, elective U.S. high school courses; AP (Advanced Placement) subjects, College Entrance Test Prep. Courses for ACT (American College Test) & SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), and optional courses for French or Spanish. These domestic and international courses interface with each other, helping the students to lay a solid foundation for their knowledge so that they develop the essential capabilities to be successful in their overseas study.


There are a total of 63 staff and faculty including managerial personnel, core Chinese courses teachers, International courses foreign teachers, ACT&SAT, International English teachers, AP teachers, and Academic Advisors. All faculty have superb educational backgrounds as well as a wealth of experience working in international education. Almost half of our faculty have earned master’s degrees and above in their related field, and more than half of our faculty members have actual experience studying or working overseas.


Since 2015, YLID recruits about 100 students each academic year and currently there are 280 students enrolled across Senior 1, 2 and 3 classes. The teacher-student ratio is 1:4. The students of YLID, under the unified management of school leaders and their grade group, live and study in a school environment known as “the ocean of personality”, enjoying the special culture that has grown up around Yali over the course of more than 100 years of integrated Chinese and Western civilization. It consists of 32 student associations, offering students a rich social practice, various art and sports events and frequent international exchange activities. All of which provide additional superior support for quality cultivation and broadening of horizons for all students.


The last century′s journey has seen the International Department emerge alongside Yali’s historic reputation and both the journey and the partnership of the International Department and Yali will continue to thrive, seeing further brilliant achievements into the next century of international education history.





The 3rd Floor, Southern New Teaching Building, Yali High School, No. 428, Laodong Western Road, Changsha, Hunan 410007